Wipe a Chromebox

(Pre-requisite : USB keyboard)

  1. Turn off the Chromebox.
  2. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole. Here is where they are on Asus and Dell Chromebox models:
    Asus Chromebox factory reset buttonDell Chromebox recovery button hole

  3. Press down the recovery button with a paperclip while turning on the device.
  4. Press Ctrl + D.
  5. Press the recovery button with the paperclip again.
  6. The device will reboot and the screen will display a red exclamation mark.
  7. Press SPACE then ENTER

Then the Chromebox will Reboot, and the first screen will be the settings (Language, timezone, Network). after this screen, enter your Google Apps credentials (the credentials are just used to enroll the device, they won't be used or display once the chromebox is fully set up)

The last part of the procedure is on Google Admin panel, where you have to (re)assign a resource calendar (even if this part was already done before the reset)